Digital Eye Strain

Digital Eye Strain? Tell me more.

That headache you’re coming home with? Yeah, it could be because Bill from accounting still hasn’t figured out how to stop “Replying All.” Or maybe it’s because your boss called the third meeting today that could have (should have) been an email. But ever stopped to consider it could be your computer screen? Every day, most of us spend over 10 hours sending emails, scrolling through Instagram, or admitting that yes, we’re still watching, when Netflix calls us out. All that screen time adds up to tired eyes - and worse: blurry vision, red dry eyes, fatigue, headaches, and neck pain. Blue Light is harmful and can even cause insomnia, early signs of macular degeneration, premature eye aging, and cataracts - in the medical community, docs are calling this ‘digital eye strain.’

What is Blue Light?

We’re all familiar with UV rays- we’ve been warned for decades now about the harmful effect it has on our skin. Lesser known within UV light, is Blue Light. Millions of miles away in the sun, it doesn’t do much harm to our eyes. But indoor Blue Light from our screens is actually a thing, and it can do a lot more damage. Blue Light passes straight through to the back of our eye, which can cause dry eyes, early cataracts, and retinal cell aging. Yikes! It's never been more crucial to protect your eyes the same way we've been taught to protect our skin.

We can help.

What makes us different? We’re doctor-designed and want to help you make the smart choice for strong healthy eyes. Our Carrots are like Vitamin A for your eyes. Each lens block 50% of all harmful blue light and 90% of the highest range, blocks UV light, and comes with anti-glare. Our lenses enhance font, reduce light sensitivity, and appear virtually clear without compromising clarity. It’s like seeing the world in HD.